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Tough Church



Charlie's Surprise Send Off

For over 20 years Charlie has been the postie around the Cushnie parish and a few months ago anounced he would retire in 2010.


To thank Charlie for all his service to the community, Sue Greensmith, Stuart Robertson and many others decided that his retirement would not go without a proper farewell from all his many friends in the area. A surprise presentation was organised at Cushnie Hall... Click Here


Maundy Thursday


On Thursday 1st April – a "Maundy Thursday" Joint Service of Worship and Holy Communion with Howe Trinity and St Andrew’s Scottish Episcopal Church, takes place at Tough Church. (Time 7.00pm)




Pilgramage to the Holy Land


Rev Donna Hays, Minister of Fowlis & Liff linked with Lundie & Muirhead, Presbytery of Dundee, is leading a 10 day trip to the Holy Land in April 2011 and would like to invite anyone who may be interested in sharing in this experience.


Participants will stay in the St Andrew’s Guest House in Jerusalem and the Scots Hotel in Tiberius. The cost will be around £1665 which covers all travel, full-board accommodation and trips and the group will be accompanied throughout by an experienced guide.


If you would like to know more, then please contact Rev Donna Hays for a brochure with full details -

Tel. 01382 580210 or






Spring Newsletter


Our much acclaimed newsletter has just gone to print and the Spring edition is now available. To view this and previous editions click on the cover picture...



Archive News

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April 2010



Vacancy Position


If you would like to find out more about the vacant ministerial position in Cushnie & Tough, click on our open door...





British Summertime arrives in the parish.. 

As the clocks go forward and we thought our sledges and snow shovels were away for another year, the snow comes back with a vengance..






Walk With The Cross


On Friday 2nd April at 8am a walk with the Cross will be starting off at St Andrew's Church Alford, ending with the cross being erected on Beltie Hill, behind Co-op.













Easter Time

Young and old walk slowly on

In the gentle Alford Breeze,

They raise a cross on Beltie hill

By the side of the tall pine trees.


On another hill, long years ago,

On a cross, our Saviour died,

A crown of thorns upon his head,

A spear thrust through his side.


Despair of friends turned into joy

On that fi rst Easter Day

As the ever-faithful women found

The tombstone rolled away.


Now amid the fl owers of spring

We remember that day still

As children watch their Easter eggs

Go tumbling down a hill.


What a wonderful way to remember

That must surely be –

“Suffer the little children

and let them come to me.”


Don Patience





Good Friday Service


On Friday 2nd April 2010 - our "Good Friday" united evening service took place at 7.30pm at Cushnie Church.


There was plenty of good will being shown by Alastair Smart as he made light work of the snow in the car park.


Using a Manitou with great skill he moved tonnes of snow in order that the congregation could get up to the church and park safely - definitely "A Smart" way to shuffle snow.. 



Annual Meeting


The Cushnie and Tough Church Annual Meeting will take place on Sunday 4th April 2010, immediately following the Easter Sunday joint Service of worship at Tough Church.





Christian Aid Week


Christian Aid Week falls on the 9th - 15th May 2010. We still require volunteer collectors to cover the Cushnie and Tough area.


In past years our contribution to the Donside collection has been very worthwhile. Please pass on names to our Session Clerk.